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Color Label Printing 
ColorBar is the single in-house label printing system that provides you complete control over your entire filing system.  ColorBar gives you every option - thousands of colors, sequential or nonsequential barcodes, text in any fonts and type sizes, plus your choice of side-tab or top-tab format.  With ColorBar you can download entries from any major database program, then select the label text you wish.  It is designed to work with a variety of printers, providing the right performance for each application.  ColorBar replaces ineffecient handwrapping with flawless color labels on demand.  More...
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Folder and Document Tracking
VLS specializes in building software solutions that automate business critical activities by defining, managing and delivering the information necessary to those activities. The goal for many of our clients is to improve performance in the collection of required documents at the lowest possible cost. This can sound simple, yet many filing systems have been developed without any definition to the documents housed in folders. Many years of experience in defining efficient filing systems based upon needs to retrieve information has lead to the revolutionary solution Transition Records Management Software.

The Transition architecture is designed to:


manage.gif (5786 bytes) Integrate to Host
TRMS allows you to import from any existing system
Define Transaction Folder
Automate information processing using a vessel to collect documents
Define Document by Type to be Archived
Track unique documents by transaction type
Automate Indexing as Scanned
Barcodes save time and improve accuracy
Validate Archiving
TRMS manages record keeping deficiencies
Track Less Pertinent Documents Offsite
Track information at box level for bulk storage

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Transition allows clients to start with where they are now with an inventory of what folders you have, track their use and manage the need to transfer as the record ages and use declines.

Transition also allows you to define required documents uniquely to the folder description and manage the collection of these documents.  The 'Pertinent Document Set' represents the most often refered to and often the required documents to support business transactions.  Through the use of barcodes we automate the updating of document and folder status and integrate the same barcodes with document imaging.   Transform your room full of folders into a collection of defined and validated information assets.

Transition Records Management Software - A logical approach to defining and managing the document collection process for recording todays business.

tdp.gif (5437 bytes) Transition EL - Entry Level Folder Tracking
Transition ML - Multi-Level Folder and Document Tracking
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